Jacko was born in 2000 on Greece – Rhodes island.
From a very young age, he showed an interest in music and soon it became his favorite hobby if not a passion.
At the age of ten, he started attending trumpet lessons for two years, followed by another two years in guitar. In the meantime, he was exploring the music world in any other way he could find. At the age of nineteen he entered IEK AKMI, a private college, further enhancing his knowledge of the music world by studying music technology and made his first steps on keyboards. Throughout his life he was an enthusiastic music listener but from the age of sixteen when he started going to local venues, electronic music became his love. At the same time, DJing became of huge interest as he realized this was the path that would allow him to funnel his creativity and let him connect and interact with other music lovers. His family and friends were always there to support his dream. As of 2018 he has appeared as an inhouse DJ or doing guest appearances in many local dance clubs, bars, parties, and other venues while still studying music technology at IEK AKMI